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- Come to my project studio to record using a selection of microphones and processing equipment. (Acoustic music only)
- Location recording, if you have an event that needs professionally recording.
- Complete production of a live, or dubbed, professional music video using HD video and brand new DSLR technology. From equipment, filming and framing and direction skills to the final edit and color grading I can take the project from start to finish.
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- Motion Headshots. A video based equivalant of an actors headshot. Typically between a minute and a minute thirty seconds. Designed to give a casting director a better idea of the way an actor moves and presents themselves. Use of slow motion, extreme depth of field and a carefully selected soundtrack make this a cinematic and professional way for actors to get more work.
- Special event montage films. If you have an event that you would like to have captured in high definition video with a cinematic feel to it this could work well for you.
My background in pro audio and video applications, software and hardware is extensive and varied. If you are starting out learning to record your own music, produce and remix that of other in your developing home studio or are keen to start making your own videos that are more than just home videos, drop me an email and I can come over and offer tuition.