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  • Late January 2011 – Victoria food photographer, author, cook and web designer Peter Bagi has featured me and my work in his new Sprk blog.

  • Late September - I’ve begun recording work with talented vocalist and songwriter Chelsea-Lyne Heins
  • Mid September - In the final stages of editing the Phil Davidson documentary, check it out now.
  • Early September - I’ve enrolled in an Advanced Audio Recording class and a Film Direction course at the University of Victoria. I hope this will lead to meeting some like minded people and generate some interesting collaborations and work.
  • Late August - Working on duet material with a colleague in Victoria BC
  • Mid August - Began 2 weeks filming for the ‘Catching On’ documentary in the north of Vancouver Island.
  • Early August - I’ve just moved to Canada and begun some video work for SHAW Television in Victoria, BC
  • Late JulyCompleted the filming for the short film on Phil Davidson’s workshop
  • Early July - Compiling a collection of photographs I took for ‘UK Festival Guide’ at Cornbury Festival, Oxfordshire. Also working on a short article of the festival to go with the photos.
  • Late June - Making plans for the shooting of a short documentary on the luthier Phil Davidson at his workshop in Bristol.
  • Late June - I’ve just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from the University of Bath Spa.
  • Late June - Filming a lot of Soundies at the moment. This week filming Winfield Mandolin finalist Rex Preston and ‘Show of Hands’ bass player Miranda Sykes performing a duet at their home. 404 File Not Found

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  • Mid May - I’ve completed my dissertation piece for my final year of university. ‘Sonic Cha’, my interactive Japanese Tea Set that utilises physical objects in conjunction with computer audio programing and light sensor manipulation for the production of audio, can be viewed from a link to its website on the links page.
  • Early May - Currently editing together two short documentaries, one for Sore Fingers Bluegrass school, and the other for the Walcot State choirs choral festival which were both shot in early April.
  • Late April - Finishing off three projects for University. In my spare time I have I’ve been filming some new Soundies for local players and poets, some of which have been finished and edited.
    I’m also working through footage for both the Sore Fingers 2010 and Walcot State Choir videos I have been working on.
  • Early April - My video of Molly Case’s (”Feel alright tonight”) won poem of the day on the Poetry Channel website, sponsored by the UK Arts Council!
  • March 24th - Yesterday filmed and recorded a small session with John Breese (banjo) and Charlotte Carrivick (mandolin and guitar) at John’s home in Bath.
  • March 14th - The Walcot State Choir have requested a short film as part of their choral festival in Bath in late April, where they will be performing with a choir from France over the course of three days.