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Welcome to MEMiles Music
I am a videographer and sound recordist working in and around the Vancouver Island area, having recently emigrated from the south of England. also work in the sound recording and composition field with a well equipped project studio and have scored for film on occasion. The current focus of my work is field and location recordings, producing the work of local acoustic musicians along with music video production and DSLR videography.

You can download a copy of my resume’ here.

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Some Relevant Links

My Vimeo Page – Here you can find a large collection of my video work and see groups and individuals whose work I am interested in.

Victoria BC DSLR Filmmakers – Here is a Vimeo group I have set up to bring together DSLR filmmakers in and around the area of Victoria, BC. I have done this to both meet other like minded videographers in my area and also as a way of creating a pool of people who can exhibit their latest work and find extra hands for any projects that are in need of such expertise. There is also a forum where filmmakers can discuss anything from technical questions to artistic opinions.

Live Acoustic Music Videos
– This is another group I have set up on the Vimeo video network which is aimed at grouping aousitc music videographers from around the world into one place. Here they can exhibit new work, meet other like minded filmmakers and discuss their work on the forums.

My tumblr blog – See what I’m following at the moment.

My University Devised Project blog - A blog following the development of my final year university project.

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